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For Sale By Owner

Proposed Transaction for

Sale of Domain Name and Website:

Private sale of this website will be executed by way of an agreed upon contract by both parties, the seller, and the buyer.   The parties involved will be:  I, a private man, and the seller, whom will be the highest bidder or makes the best offer.   The purchaser will be contacted via email to schedule a meeting in person or via web conference interface, whichever is preferred by purchaser,  to proceed with contract terms and complete the purchase once the terms are accepted and agreed upon by both parties.


This website is to provide the soon-to-be desperately seeking people and companies that are relocating, an innovative option to seek out new rental properties, homes, apartments and condominiums prior to being offered on the real estate market, i.e. the MLS.   Allowing access to properties before they go up creates urgency and will be sought after as a coveted boutique option to have access to these rental properties. 

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